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What to Do When You Have Broken Roof Shingles?

A healthy roof means comfort and reassurance that you’ll be protected from the elements. But your roof takes a beating from the severe weather that can hit Toms River, NJ, and leave you with damaged roof shingles. 

When you have broken roof shingles, your house can be susceptible to water damage, or even need a whole new roof. 

The moment you realize you have broken shingles, you should contact a professional for roof shingle repair. While this might seem like a DIY opportunity, roof repair is not something you want to leave to chance. A professional can walk you through their process to make sure you and your home stay safe and dry.

How to Find Your Roof Damage

So what are some of the ways you can experience roof damage? More often than not, shingles blow off because of storms. You can usually tell if a storm has damaged your roof if you find visible water damage somewhere inside your home. 

There’s also the possibility that you had some bad work done on your roof in the past, leading you to deal with even more roof repairs. This problem is another reason we can’t in good faith recommend DIY work. Should you miss even the slightest detail, it could end up costing you. 

In addition to weather and bad repairs, insects and other pests could potentially dislodge or break shingles. And mold and fungi can eat through or feed on your shingles, leading them to break down and crack. 

These are some of the more difficult problems to notice, as they will often hide in plain sight and cause damage over time, as opposed to a giant storm swooping in and taking parts of your roof with it. 

While not all of these causes are entirely avoidable, it’s good to recognize them so you know when it’s time to call in the roof repair pros. If you’re ever questioning the integrity of your roof, the best thing you can do for your peace of mind is to contact a roofing company. 

Whatever caused the damage, a roofing professional will assess it and take the appropriate steps. 

Common Repairs for Broken Roof Shingles

A good roof can last nearly 20 years, provided it is repaired and serviced correctly. But no material is immune to the powers of nature, and eventually, you’ll run into the need for a repair. 

A dedicated team of roofers will come to your home with a set plan of attack to fix your broken roof shingles. Depending on the severity of your roof’s decline, a professional will employ a particular set of skills to get your shingles back in good shape.


Replacing Shingles

Shingles that need to be replaced are very common for homeowners in Toms River, NJ, due to heavy storms that pass through and tear off pieces of roofing. If any part of the shingle is missing, you’ll want to have the whole thing replaced. Shingle replacement is a simple process for a professional, and involves affixing new materials to your roof. 

Curled Roof Shingles

The more worn your shingles get over time, the more likely they will bend and curl. A roofer will use caulk to stop the curling and seal up the roof during your assessment and repair. Curled shingles that are left alone are more easily picked up and carried away by the wind. 

Professionals recommend that you have your curled shingles repaired as quickly as possible.

Cracked Shingles

If your shingle is cracked or ripped, but it’s still mostly intact, a professional can repair it for you. These repairs can help keep your roof from needing total replacement, so if you think you might have a crack, you’ll want it repaired immediately to avoid further damage. 

What to Do with Broken Roof Shingles? Call Roof Plus!

Are you dealing with broken roof shingles? If you’re one of the many homeowners searching for a roofer who makes your satisfaction their top priority, then you’ll want to work with Roof Plus! 

We proudly serve the Toms River, NJ, community and can help you get your home feeling comfortable and safe again. Call us today at (732) 899-8118 to get started.