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Commercial Roof Replacement in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

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Commercial Roof Replacement in Point Pleasant NJ

While repairs and maintenance are crucial, roof replacement by a commercial roofing contractor is sometimes the only way to ensure uninterrupted operations. It’s a big investment and a time-consuming process, and that’s why we work with the area’s business owners to minimize spending and disruptions. 

Local business owners count on us because we work quickly, using the best tools, materials, and people for the project. If you need a fast turnaround time and have a roof that’s exceeded its useful lifespan, call us for an inspection and a commercial roof replacement in Point Pleasant NJ.

We Hire the Best in the Business

At Roof Plus, we employ qualified, certified, and knowledgeable roof replacement experts on every job. With our industry experience, we can plan and complete even the most difficult commercial roof replacement projects. Whether your roof has been damaged by snow, rain, heat, or wind, a commercial roofing contractor can help. Call today to schedule an evaluation of your shingle, metal, bitumen, or tile roof.

Our Approach

A common question among our customers is: how do your commercial roof replacement services work? While some companies take a universal approach, we do things differently. Our team’s combined experience allows us to complete repairs quickly, reliably, and efficiently, working with clients to keep their restaurants, motels, and other businesses open. Before we get to work, we’ll walk you through your options and give you the information needed for informed decision-making. Call or click for your no-obligation commercial roofing installation estimate. 

The Right Time for Commercial Roof Replacement in Point Pleasant NJ

While repairs are best for minor roofing issues, more severe problems bring about the need for commercial roof replacement. It’s best for property owners to consider roofing replacement if the issues exceed the scope of repairs, such as when there are major leaks. How can you, as a New Jersey business owner, know when it’s time to act? Here are a few factors to consider.

  • Storm damage. If commercial roofing is damaged by falling debris, high winds, or hail, it may be more cost-effective to replace it than to repair it. Storm damage is costly to repair, and those repairs aren’t always reliable. It’s better to spend a bit more and get a long-lasting, durable, and guaranteed result.
  • Visible sagging. If regular inspections and timely repairs have been foregone for years, the risk of a complete collapse greatly increases. The older commercial roofs are, the more care they need. However, when owners notice major issues like buckling or sagging, prompt action is necessary. To avoid a cave-in and the problems that come with it, commercial roof replacement in Point Pleasant NJ may be the only option.
  • Missing or broken shingles. Generally, it’s possible to repair broken and missing shingles. However, if high winds have blown away all shingles, there’s a big problem. When a roof has been wiped away, simple repairs won’t cut it—and that’s why we recommend our commercial roof replacement services. Call today to find out how we can improve your property’s appearance and protection with commercial flat roof replacement and other services.
  • The roof’s age. If your building’s roof has outlasted its predicted lifespan and things are starting to deteriorate, replacement is the best strategy. Holding onto an aging roof affects property values and may even present a safety hazard. When buildings with very old roofs have problems, we typically suggest commercial roofing replacement, which may be covered by insurance.

Whether you’re building from the ground up or remodeling an existing building, our team will provide the commercial roofing replacement services your company needs. Call today or use our online form to schedule an evaluation and an estimate of commercial roof replacement costs.

Count On Us for Cost-Effective Commercial Roof Replacement in Point Pleasant NJ

When business owners need commercial flat roof replacement, we are here to help. We use only the highest quality products and certified crew members so all commercial roofing installations are covered by warranties, and all jobs are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they comply with state building codes. All our team members are experienced, skilled, and background checked for your peace of mind, and we back all commercial roof installations with a satisfaction guarantee. 

We know how disruptive worn or leaking commercial roofs can be to New Jersey’s businesses, and we also realize the potential risk of damage to your property and inventory. That’s why we focus on customer service and craftsmanship; it allows us to go the extra mile for lasting, reliable results. Don’t let commercial roof replacement cost be a deterrent—call today to schedule an estimate and learn more about our commercial roof installation services.

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