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Roof Maintenance in Point Pleasant, NJ

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Your roof has a tough job, which is why roof maintenance is so important. It protects you all year from strong winds, extreme temperatures, and any other weather Mother Nature throws your way. Although a roof can withstand these elements, it will eventually wear down and need to be repaired. 

At Roof Plus, our professional roofers can provide you with roof maintenance services to repair the damage after a powerful storm. Our qualified technicians are also trained in preventative roof maintenance to keep your roof looking as good as new. Roof Plus will keep you and your family protected in Point Pleasant, NJ.


When Is Roof Maintenance Necessary? 

Stormy weather or extreme temperatures can often leave your roof damaged. Sometimes you’ll be able to see the damage. However, there is always a chance of damage on your roof that you cannot see from the ground.  

When you notice any of these issues with your roof, call Roof Plus immediately. 

  • Mossy-patches 
  • Gutters filled with debris
  • Damage to your chimney
  • Sagging or buckling areas 
  • Accumulation of debris
  • Missing or broken shingles 
  • Leaking inside your home 
  • Points of entry for pests 
  • Not enough ventilation

It is crucial to call when you see any of these signs, but you can also prevent them with routine roof maintenance. 


What Is Preventative Roof Maintenance? 

Preventative roof maintenance is like a yearly check-up by your doctor, only by roofing experts for your roof. It is the key to keeping your roof in top-notch condition and saving you money in the future. Unnoticed or neglected roof issues can lead to problems that require expensive repairs. 

But with a regular inspection of your roof, you will catch problems before they get out of hand and increase the lifespan of your roof. Keeping the same roof working for longer will also save you money.

A professional from Roof Plus in Point Pleasant, NJ, should inspect and perform preventative roof maintenance on your roof at least twice a year. Ideally, the inspection will occur before the seasons bring extreme temperatures, such as the icy cold winters. Then, have your roof inspected again before the summer heat hits, especially if you have a wood shingle roof.  

You play an important part in preventative maintenance, too. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on your roof in between maintenance service appointments. Routine maintenance can only do so much if your roof is not properly maintained throughout the year.  


What Happens During Preventative Roof Maintenance? 

Many people wonder what goes on during a routine maintenance appointment. The goal is always to decide whether your roof is structurally safe and able to protect your family. Our professional roofers ensure its security by following the steps listed below. 

Assess the Integrity of Your Roof 

The first step is for one of our trained roofing professionals to look at structural integrity. They will look for signs of damage, such as sagging or buckling, and note how severe these issues are. If your roof requires obvious repairs, you will know immediately and have the opportunity to discuss your options for repairing your roof. 

Remove Debris

Sagging and buckling often occur when large amounts of leaves and branches collect on the roof. This debris adds unnecessary weight to your Point Pleasant home. Without regular maintenance, this extra weight can cause your roof to collapse.

Remove Debris from Gutters 

Many things can gather in your gutters, too. The debris clutter prevents them from working as they should. This clutter can cause leaking, damage to the landscape, and additional roof damage. 

Inspect Shingles 

Our roof professionals from Roof Plus will inspect the shingles for signs of damage. If we find that any nail heads have come up or are missing, we will replace and secure them. 

Chimney Inspection 

If you have a chimney, it also needs to be inspected for damage and missing parts. These parts can be repaired or replaced by our roofing professionals. 


Why Hire a Professional for Roof Maintenance? 

Even the most detail-oriented homeowner will miss a few things when inspecting their own roof. Roof Plus professional roofers are trained to thoroughly inspect Point Pleasant, NJ, homes to locate minor leaks to major cracks. They can provide preventative roof maintenance that surpasses what any homeowner can do themselves. 


Get Your Roof Inspected Today 

Keep your Point Pleasant, NJ, home and family protected by scheduling an appointment with one of our roofing professionals. Call us today to see how we can help! We have four generations of experience to assist you with all of your roof maintenance needs. 

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