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Roofing Services in Brick, NJ

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Roofing Services in Brick, NJ

Brick, New Jersey, is perfectly located next to the ocean and the Manasquan and Metedeconk Rivers. There are many places to sit and enjoy the sunrise over the water or a calm waterside stroll. However, a lot of the things that make Brick a great place to live can also make maintaining your roof a challenge. At Roof Plus, we understand New Jersey weather, and we have made it our priority to design roofs that stand the test of time. With our quality repairs and unmatched installations, you are always in good hands with Roof Plus. 


Roof Repair Services in Brick

Heavy storms and the effects of time can both have an impact on your roof. If you are noticing missing shingles, granules from your roof on the ground, or signs of a leak, it is time to call us for a repair. We can locate the source of the problem and come up with a solution that fits your budget. When you schedule a roof repair with us, we always provide an accurate estimate, arrive on time, and clean up our work area to keep your yard safe and beautiful. 


Roof Replacement Services

While many smaller problems can be remedied by a repair, certain signs will point to the need to have your roof replaced. Often, if similar homes in your neighborhood are having their roofs replaced, this may be an indication that your roof will need it soon as well. Other signs include multiple leaks, molding or rotting of internal structures, deteriorated shingles, and more. We will always give you our honest opinion regarding the necessity of scheduling a roof replacement


Brick Roof Inspection Services

Roof inspection services are helpful in many different situations. You may want to schedule one prior to putting your home on the market or just after a storm. Some of the biggest problems can be hard to spot on the ground, and they require a professional eye. We want to be your source for detailed inspections in the Brick area. 


Cleaning Services in Brick, NJ

When the wind blows, leaves, branches, trash, and other debris can find their way to your roof. The tiny crevices and rough texture of your shingles can also be the perfect place for mold and fungus to grow. When you want to keep your roof looking clean while protecting it from damage, you can rely on a roofer from Roof Plus for roof cleaning services. 


Repair Services for Gutters

The next time it rains or the snow begins to melt, take a quick walk around your home to see where the water is going. If it is dripping from the middle of a gutter, or pooling on your roof, it is time to have your gutters cleaned or repaired. When your gutters become bent by a falling branch or clogged by leaves, they cannot do their job properly. Our team at Roof Plus offers gutter repair and cleaning services so that you can always depend on your gutters to do their job. 


Gutter Replacement Services

Gutters that weren’t installed properly the first time can be a source of constant stress for the homeowner. We focus on getting gutter installation right the first time so that you never have to know this frustration. We are careful to help you select the right gutters for your home and install them at the correct pitch to ensure that all of the water ends up where it should– away from your home. 


Siding and Windows

If you have been watching your energy bills creep up and you don’t know the cause, your windows might be the first place to check. At Roof Plus, we offer window replacement services as well as siding repair and installation so that your home is always beautiful, safe, and affordable to maintain. Roof Plus is Brick’s reliable roofing contractor for all of your home exterior needs.


Overhead Care Club and Financing

If you are worried about affording maintenance, repair, and replacement for your roof, we are here for you with our Overhead Care Club and financing options. No one should have to put off crucial services so we want to make sure you always get the services you need when you need them. 

We are proud of offering customizable and innovative services for each of our customers in Brick and the surrounding areas. If you find yourself in need of roofing services, we want to be the first one you call. Contact us today for more information about how we can keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather throws your way. 

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