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Gutter Replacement in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

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Gutter Replacement in Point Pleasant, NJ

When you think about home maintenance needs, how often do you think about your gutters? They may not be something you consider very often unless they have started to degrade or cause problems. Is it time for a gutter replacement? At Roof Plus, we always have gutters on our minds because of the difference a properly installed gutter can have on the health of your roof. We want every home in New Jersey to have an adequate gutter system and we are here to provide quality gutter installation services. 

Roof Plus is a roofing contractor that serves many families in New Jersey. We are family-owned and operated, and we have four generations of experience in designing and building roofs that hold up in New Jersey’s unique climate. Our business operates with our customers at the center of everything we do, and we are excited to help you with the process of replacing your gutters. 


When Is it Time to Replace My Gutters?

At Roof Plus, we do business differently. We believe that integrity and honesty are qualities that need to be revived in the industry and we do everything we can to set a precedent. Our primary aim is for you to get the services you need without being tricked into spending a fortune on something unnecessary. When you call us for a roof inspection, we will check your gutters and let you know if we recommend a replacement. 

In some cases, a gutter repair is a good first step to improving the draining of water from your roof. However, check for a few of these signs that may indicate that a replacement should be in your near future:

  • Incorrect Pitch: Your gutters should be sloped so that the lower side is near the downspouts. This way, water will flow easily in the correct direction. If the gutters are pitched in the opposite direction, pooling will occur, and the gutters will need to be replaced to protect the wood from rotting.
  • Denting: If the gutter is dented from a falling tree branch or other stress, it can be difficult to repair. We will usually recommend a replacement in this scenario. 
  • Seam Separation: Some broken seams, cracks, and leaks can be repaired using caulking or replacement screws. However, we will let you know if the damage is beyond repair. 
  • Rotting: If the fascia board is rotted from standing water, or if the gutter is pulling away from the edge of your roof, we will likely need to replace the gutters and the boards on your home. It is important to invest in roof cleaning and gutter cleaning to keep the water flowing as it should to avoid rotting. 

Our Gutter Replacement & Installation Process

Often, when performing a roof repair, our team will find that the gutters need a little help as well. Therefore, the gutter replacement process will usually start with an inspection to assess the condition of your entire roof. Once the decision has been made that a replacement is necessary, you will work with our team to choose the size and type of gutters that your home needs. We always construct custom plans for each home since every roof is different. We have years of experience in selecting the right gutters for each home. 

When the installation day arrives, you can expect our friendly team to arrive promptly. They will always be clean and professional, and they will come with all of the tools and materials needed for the job so that it can be completed without delay. A roofer will give you an estimate for the work that needs to be done, and if anything surprises our team during the installation process, we will discuss any further expenses with you before moving forward with the work. 

All of our services from gutter cleaning to roof replacement are protected with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is anything in your gutter services that you are not happy with, let us know and we will do everything we can to resolve the issue. Our licensed team will leave the area as clean as they found it, and will work with care to avoid damaging your landscape, roof, or walls. 


Premium Gutter Care with Roof Plus

At Roof Plus, we work hard to provide the highest level of care to all of our valued customers. With years of experience and a heart for the community, we are striving to improve lives and make homes in New Jersey more secure. If you are in the area and you are wondering if gutter replacement is something that your home needs, contact us today for helpful advice.

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