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A Point Pleasant roof covered in snow.

Tips For Winter Roof Maintenance From Roof Plus

One of our goals here at Roof Plus, a division of Lombardo Construction, is to set up both our current clients and prospective customers for success in whatever way we can. Sometimes, that means being timely with a callback and a quote the same day that you called. If we are able to come out to your site the same day that you called, we can hopefully get your gutter replacement or home window replacement taken care of all the more sooner. That way, your life will be back on track sooner, giving you peace of mind. When we are able to do all roofing and siding services for a reasonable price, then all the better!

Those are some of the more obvious ways we can help out our clients. It makes sense, too; a roofing company should be able to help their clients with affordable roofing services. But we also want to set you up with some knowledge that will behoove you and your home as we enter the cold season. Keep reading if you are interested in a few solid tips for winter roof maintenance from Roof Plus!

Snow Removal

While Point Pleasant and the rest of the Jersey Shore don’t get as much annual snowfall as your average US city, 25 inches per year is a mean number which shouldn’t be totally ignored. In reference to roof care, snow accumulation shouldn’t go unchecked if the snowfall is especially bad during a given time. If you have a single story roof and feel comfortable enough to attempt to remove heavy snow on your own, you could do so by buying a snow rake and putting the tool to good use. A snow rake has a handle that extends so you can safely push the snow to the ground without overextending yourself in a dangerous way. You can even do so from the ground, no ladder required!

If you end up getting on the roof, make sure you tread with care. Roofs can get extremely icy, and you can’t always tell where the ice might be hiding.

Gutter Services

Ice Dams

It’s important to check for ice dams, but it’s even more important to know what an ice dam is before you try to go check on them. Melted snow refreezes as temperatures drop during the night. It’s caused by an interaction of snow and heat escaping from the attic of a home. So the snow melts and then refreezes at night. It’s a sort of dam in the sense that ice can form around the edges of your roof, whereby blocking the rest of the snow from being able to melt and slide down like usual. The rule of thumb here is that the bigger the ice dam is the more likely it is to cause your roof to cave in. But even if it is a small ice dam (or the storm itself is small), you should still consider getting it removed, as any sort of ice dam can hurt your roof to one degree or another.

Avoid Gutter Replacement And Gutter Repair: Prepare Your Roof Drain

As the rainy season turns into the snowy season, it’s vital to have your gutter checked and cleared so that snow can effectively melt. That way, you won’t have any of the issues we’ve already described above. Preparing your roof drain can mean getting the ladder out of the shed, pushing out whatever needles and leaves that are still hanging around your gutter, and making sure water can run from your roof down the sides of your house. If you are in need of gutter repair or gutter installation, give us a call here at Roof Plus!

Look out for more winter roofing maintenance tips coming in the future. But in the meantime, make sure you give us a call for all of your roofing, siding, window installation, and gutter repair needs!